High-Density Computing Center — Quebec City Area, Canada
Campus Q01

The largest specialized computing infrastructure in North America with flexible liquid & air cooling solutions powered by clean energy.

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QScale - Q01 Campus - Lévis, QC, Canada

142 MW

Secured power capacity and ability to rapidly scale up


Power from renewable sources


Liquid-cooled rack density
266MVA 2N 120kV Electrical Substation
A QScale-owned, high-capacity substation with active-active redundancy supplying high-voltage, renewable power enabling unprecedented scalability for customers.
Low & Stable Electricity Rates:
~4¢ USD / kWh
Among the least expensive green power in North America and the world. Stable, predictable, regulated, and affordable electricity.
High-Density Liquid & Air Cooling Solutions
Unique flexibility to host power-intensive liquid-cooled racks of 200kW+ density along with more traditional air-cooled servers in the same environment. Concrete floors built for very high loads.
Cutting-Edge Building Design with Best-In-Class Energy Efficiency
Accommodates a wide range of computing and cooling technologies for scalable and flexible deployments. Free cooling possible up to 80% of the year due to cold Canadian climate.
Unique Waste-Heat Recovery Design
Next-generation waste-heat energy recovery and reuse system for various initiatives including greenhouses. In close proximity to agricultural land dedicated to leveraging excess heat from Q01 operations.
Strategic Location: Quebec City Area
Positioned to support our clients’ growth in the province of Quebec, Canada. Twenty minutes from the Quebec City International Airport. Connected to world-class telecom networks.
Phases 1 and 2
May 2023
QScale - Q01 Campus - Levis-Quebec - Architectural Concept
All 8 Phases
QScale - Q01 Campus - Levis-Quebec - Architectural Concept - Ground
Q01 Campus


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