Where High Performance Meets Scalability

We partner with clients internationally, who want scalable, environmentally friendly and high-performing solutions.
  • Replicable and modular design for rapid construction and deployment
  • Efficient cooling designs that improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • Lowest electricity rates in North America

Clean and Renewable Energy

  • Low, predictable electricity rates
    Hydro-Québec offers the lowest electricity rates in North America. QScale and its clients benefit from stable pricing, at the lowest inflation rate of all energy sources on the continent.
  • Reliable and robust grid
    Due to redundancy across the looped grid and its annual investments of nearly $2 billion, Hydro-Québec operates a high-performance infrastructure and is renowned worldwide for the reliability of its network.
  • Clean and renewable energy
    With 100% clean and renewable energy derived primarily from water, QScale’s clients won’t need to purchase renewable energy certificates or carbon credits.
Hydro-Québec Network

A Flexible, Modular and Replicable Design

  • QScale’s design for power and cooling is built for the future. Our infrastructure is designed to scale rapidly and adapts to new technologies such as immersion cooling and quantum computing, among others.
  • Liquid cooling to the rack
    All our installations are ready for liquid cooling at the rack level. We can host your high-performance and high-density equipment as it’s configured today, and as it scales up in size and power requirements in the future, above 300kW+ per cabinet.


The world’s exponentially growing needs for computing can be met without polluting the planet.

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A reliable telecommunications fiber optic network spanning hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

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