Mar 16, 2023

QScale and Énergir Development Join Forces to Drive Decarbonization in Québec through Waste Heat Recovery

Lévis, Québec, Canada, March 16, 2023 – QScale, a Québec company that develops environmentally responsible computing centers, and Énergir Development, hereinafter “Énergir,” a diversified energy company, announce a collaboration to maximize waste heat recovery in Québec.

QScale and Énergir are taking real steps towards decarbonizing Québec by combining their expertise in recovering and optimizing the use of heat generated by computing centers. As part of this collaboration, QScale will provide free waste heat from its centers. Having carried out pre-feasibility studies and confirmed technical and economic viability, Énergir will ensure project implementation from design through to operation.

The first waste heat recovery projects under this collaboration will be developed at QScale’s Q01 campus in Lévis. They will allow reuse of the renewable energy that powers the computing center. Opportunities are currently being analyzed and the first delivery of recovered heat is anticipated by early 2024.

Ultimately, the Q01 campus aims to become one of the largest waste heat recovery providers of its kind in Québec. Up to 96 megawatts (MW) could be distributed through energy distribution networks, which represents enough energy to heat more than 15,000 Québec households.

“Our mission is to design world-class computing centers aligned with sustainable development principles. Supercomputers hosted in our computing centers act as radiators, generating heat. QScale is specifically designed to recover 100% of this waste heat. It is therefore natural for QScale to partner with a recognized partner such as Énergir, which aims to diversify into sustainable energy distribution,” says Martin Bouchard, co-founder and president of QScale. This collaboration will allow us to maximize the recovery of waste heat from our centers.”

Not only will these energy loops maximize the benefits of the renewable energy consumed by QScale’s centers; they will also support Énergir in its mission to help its customers decarbonize by providing them with carbon-neutral heat.

Waste heat recovery: a key driver in Québec's decarbonization

Waste heat recovery involves reusing surplus heat released by a company in its neighborhood. In Québec, nearly 35% of the energy consumed by large industries is not recovered. The potential is therefore immense. Projects to recover this waste heat are highly beneficial for the environment and are strongly encouraged as part of Québec’s energy transition policies.

“Our expertise in energy distribution and infrastructure management positions us as a partner of choice for waste heat recovery initiatives. We are thrilled to be joining forces with QScale for this collaboration, which aligns perfectly with our 2030 Vision to diversify our operations and provide solutions that will contribute to the success of our decarbonization efforts and those of Québec,” says Jean-François Jaimes, Executive Director, Development, Renewable Energy and LNG at Énergir.

A strategic location and tangible benefits for heat users

The potential for waste heat recovery from the Q01 campus site is largely the result of its strategic location. Being close to some 100 hectares of farm and industrial land, the campus has an interesting pool of potential users.

There are several advantages for users looking to benefit from waste heat recovery, including lower heating bill; possible improvements in their energy balance, allowing them to move towards carbon neutrality; and a steady heat supply thanks to the computing center’s 24/7 operations.

Vincent Thibault, EVP, Strategy & ESG, QScale – Martin Bouchard, President, QScale – Jean-François Jaimes, Executive Director, Development, Renewable Energy and LNG, Énergir
About Énergir Development

Énergir Development (formerly Valener Inc.) is a Québec company that works in the field of energy distribution and production. Énergir Development holds a 29% interest in Énergir, L.P. One of Énergir, L.P.’s core business activities is energy distribution, specifically natural gas distribution in Québec and electric power and natural gas distribution in Vermont, US.

Énergir Development also holds direct and indirect interest in wind farm operations located on the private lands of the Seigneurie de Beaupré in Québec and in an RNG production partnership. Énergir Development works towards cleaner energy solutions in ways that are economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. Énergir L.P. acts as the manager of Énergir Development. The corporate structure is available on Énergir’s website.

About QScale

QScale develops environmentally responsible computing centers specifically designed for high-performance computing (HPC), supercomputing, and machine learning. The company’s Quebec City area campus (QScale Q01) is the first colocation facility in Canada to receive the OCP Ready™ recognition, attesting to its energy efficiency and scalability. QScale's technology infrastructures help meet the growing computing needs of global companies while enabling them to achieve their ESG objectives.

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