Sustainable Colocation Digital Infrastructure

We’re building and operating world-class, large-scale hosting facilities powered by clean energy for wholesale colocation, hyperscale, and supercomputing. Future-proof design with liquid cooling and heat recovery.
QScale - Q01 Campus - Levis-Quebec - Architectural Concept

142 MW

Secured power capacity and ability to rapidly scale up


Power from renewable sources


Under construction — Phase 1 completion by end of year
Q01 Campus

Scalable facility for your high-density hardware

QScale’s Q01 Campus supports a wide range of computing and cooling technologies for scalable and flexible deployments, all with an unmatched power capacity and market-leading rates.

By combining our expertise and cutting-edge building design with Quebec’s significant environmental and clean energy advantages, Q01 is at the forefront of innovation in green high-performance computing infrastructure.
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Leveraging renewable energy, cold climate, and heat recovery

QScale is powered by nearly 100% renewable energy, and we believe we can do even more to reduce our customers' computing carbon footprint. That's why all of our computing center projects include a waste-heat recovery and reuse initiative.
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QScale aims to be the global reference in HPC and supercomputing centers powered by clean energy

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