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We are proud to receive the OCP Ready recognition from the Open Compute Project, as it highlights our commitment to providing high-quality, energy-efficient infrastructure for HPC, AI, and machine learning environments
Discover Q01 Campus

The First OCP Ready™ Colocation Facility in Canada

  • 142MW of clean energy
    QScale’s Q01 is powered by 142 megawatts of nearly 100% renewable energy and includes a waste-heat recovery and reuse initiative.
  • Ultra-high density
    The concrete floors of the brand-new facility are built for very high loads, supporting the weight of tomorrow’s supercomputers.
  • Liquid/immersion/air
    It offers the flexibility to host power-intensive liquid-cooled racks of 300kW+ density along with more traditional air-cooled servers in the same environment.

Q01 Campus

Learn more about our high-density computing center in the province of Quebec, Canada.

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